Feb 23

Freedive Blog is GROWING!

It’s alllliiiiiivveee! Mwahaha!

Sorry, had kind of a mad scientist thing going there.

But it’s true, Freedive Blog is growing to include more expert freediving advice! When I started this blog my intention was not so much to just write about my experiences with freediving as it was to create an online hub for divers to reach out for expert information. As you’ve heard me say before, no single voice in freediving is the authority so I’m inviting a number of top freedivers to become Freedive Blog contributors. So whether you’re wondering how to pick out the right freedive fins, how to pick out a freedive course or how to make a million dollars freediving (ps- good luck!), we’ll have articles here on the topic.

All new contributors will be top athletes and/or instructors in the sport sharing their knowledge and experiences. I’ll of course still be doing what I do, but you guys will be able to hear from lots of different expert freedivers, hearing lots of experience opinions so you always get the most up-to-date information coming out of the freediving world.

So stay tuned to see who our first contributor is going to be!

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