Mar 18

Altitude Hypoxia- Video From How to Kill a Human Being

A friend sent this video to me from the show, How to Kill a Human Being and it turned out to be an amazing video on the effects of hypoxia. It really highlights not only the way a lack of oxygen affects a person’s reasoning and problem-solving abilties but also their inability to recognize their own mental deficiency under hypoxia.

The subject being brought to altitude is unable to answer simple math problems, but believes that he’s answering everything correctly. It just goes to show how unaware we can be of our own limitations under hypoxia and how important it is to have safeties.

Check it out:


  1. Matthew Pearson

    the “subject” in question was Michael Portillo, a very intelligent and respected British politician! which goes to show it will affect anyone, even if you have more ‘smarts’ than someone else, it will not be picky!!

    1. admin

      Thanks for the info, Matt! It really drives the point home.

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