Mar 22

It’s World Water Day!

So today is World Water Day, a day to be thankful for the limited freshwater resources we have, to advocate for sustainable management of those resources and to pay it forward by conserving water. Be careful not to confuse it with Waterworld Day, when people dress up like Kevin Costner and pretend they have gills.

I always seem to find that freedivers have a unique, deep-seated connection to the water and tend to be very dedicated to helping the environment that gives us so much.


So in the spirit of World Water Day, let’s all do one small thing to save water!

For more information on World Water Day click here.

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  1. WES

    Well, it wasn’t a big sacrifice, but I shared a shower with a friend.

    Plus, after I read Erin’s post I found and read this web page. Here I share it with you and plan to use it to conserve water.


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