Apr 13

3 Ways to Join the Online Freediving Community

Freediving has always been a niche sport. You don’t often see freediving competitions advertised on television and it’s even rare that people on the street know what freediving is. Most think it’s some sort of variation on cliff jumping.

But those of us in the know love the sport and as with many other industries, the social media revolution has changed the way freedivers connect for the better. There was a time when you had to find a dive buddy by word-of-mouth. Now you can go on the internet and find someone in your area on a forum. You can follow freediving news on Facebook and Twitter. You can watch videos on YouTube of freedivers “cliff jumping” underwater or chasing each other around wrecks. The possibilities are endless because even though freedivers are renowned for ditching equipment, we’d never ditch our computers, our link to the greater freediving world.

So here are a few resources to help you to utilize the social media out there to really make the most of your online freediving network.


Obviously I’m a fan of blogs. I read several blogs on various topics every day simply because it’s the quickest, easiest way to learn a lot of tips, tricks and news from experts on anything from current events to underwater basket weaving. Okay, I don’t ACTUALLY read a blog on underwater basket weaving, but as there seems to be one on every subject I’d bet there’s one on that too.

The best way to utilize blogs is to find a few you like and subscribe to them via RSS feed. With a feed reader they’ll automatically show up on your email or phone so you can read away when you’re on a lunch break, in line at the grocery store, or any other time you have a quick second.

Freediving-relevant blog sites:

Freedive Blog– Okay, this one seems obvious since you’re reading a blog here.
Spear Blog
Deeper Blue’s Newspaper (blog collection)


Freedivers unite…online! Never before have there been so many ways to connect with other freedivers or a freediving group specific to your interests. There are Facebook groups for Florida freedivers, Hawaii freedivers, spearos, conservation and more. You can go onto Twitter and look for your favorite athletes or freediving schools to see what’s new and evolving in the world of freediving.

The best way to take advantage of all of these resources is to participate. Add every freediver you can and look up pages for athletes and groups you want to keep up with. You’ll get great ideas for your own freedive trips, network with other freedivers and be the first in-the-know about records being broken!

Great Facebook/Twitter Pages to Follow:

FB- Performance Freediving
Twitter- Deeper blue
FB- US Freediving
Look up your favorite athletes too to watch records fall!


Forums are one social media outlet I recommend, but also caution you to be careful using. While forums are great for the spread of ideas, learning and discussion, you can also get bad intel from time to time. Remember that some people will post in forums with the utmost confidence, but don’t necessarily have the knowledge or experience to consistently give reliable information. I’ve even seen discussions in forums that contain downright incorrect and dangerous information. By all means, use forums, but always beware and use your best judgement to pick out the solid tips from the misleading ones.

Two of my favorite forums:

Deeper Blue
Spear Board

Finally, I want to give you links to a few other amazing online freediving resources:

USAFA’s Site
AIDA International
Worldwide Freediving Records


  1. Taylor

    Do you know of any good spots to cliff dive in Florida?
    Thank you so much

    1. admin

      Hi Taylor,
      Unfortunately I don’t know a lot of shore diving spots off Florida- I almost always went by boat. Unless you’re talking about cliff jumping, in which case…I know even less. =)

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