Apr 20

Deja Blue Competition Update- Arrival

Well it’s day one in Grand Cayman and a few of the athletes have arrived. We’re all still getting settled, trying to figure out where we’re all sleeping and letting our luggage explode everywhere, but everyone is stoked to get in the ocean here.

I arrived yesterday with Kirk Krack and Ashley Chapman, which went fairly smooth considering how much gear we bring and how much travel we all had to organize surrounding the event. Ashley almost got denied checking in for her flight since she didn’t have a return flight planned (she’s heading off in her boat, Nila Girl, after the competition), but after some sweet talking with the gate agent and a few international phone calls we were all comfortably boarded on the plane to Cayman.

Once we arrived in Cayman we met up with more athletes and safeties including Carol Schrappe, Ted Harty, Ren Chapman, Andrew Hogan, Jake Bricker and even Mandy Krack with 2-year-old Kaila in tow. Since Ashley was teaching with me in Fort Lauderdale, Ren and Andrew brought Nila Girl over to Cayman from Jamaica together, which made for some pretty interesting stories at dinner last night. Apparently Andrew’s “CG” (Center of Gravity) isn’t quite up to snuff for living on a boat.

While yesterday was a day for getting organized today we’re all getting back into the swing of things. We started with easy statics in the pool this morning and as longs as the scooters arrived in one piece, hopefully some scootering today as well! My hope is to have a couple of days to do some deep drops in the scooters to work on my equalizing and flexibility. That’s always the hardest thing to train when you’re confined to the depths of my local pool.

Other than that everything is pretty much the same. The safety/camera team is hitting up Macabuca, the bar down the street, regularly and the athletes are prepping their gear for the days ahead. I’m just trying to enjoy these relaxed days before training officially starts and to stay calm and optimistic about my plans for the comp. I’ll be updating FDB as much as possible over the next three weeks and hopefully we’ll get some reliable internet going so I can post videos and more photos!

Talk to you all soon and wish us all luck! Keep an eye out for video updates too!

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