May 04

World and National Records Fall at Deja Blue!!

Hey everyone,

AMAZING first day on the water for the PFI Deja Blue Competition! Here’s the recap and stay tuned for more updates! These results will be made official tonight, so if anything changes (that’s not anticipated :) ) I’ll amend what’s here then.

Ashley Chapman, well-known no-fins specialist, made a dive to 63m/ 206 feet in 3:01 today officially taking the Women’s World Record for Constant Weight without Fins from previous record-holder, Natalia Molchanova of Russia. Ashley’s done this dive and deeper several times in training, but when asked about receiving her first world record Ashley said, “When I did the dive in practice it was easy- when I did the dive today with my heart beating 200 bpm it was about 10 times harder, but now that the anxiety is gone, we’ll see how much further I can go!”

I broke my own US National Record in CWT with a dive  to 81m/265 feet in 2:40. It was a great start to the competition and hopefully I’ll be able to keep putting up big numbers!

The World and National Records weren’t the only impressive performances though. Nick Mevoli, from New York, made very impressive and very clean CWT dive to 86m/ 282 feet. Ted Harty, Immersion Freediving Instructor, followed right behind him with an amazing dive to 85m/ 279 feet.

All in all today was a great day for most divers and everyone’s resting up for tomorrow! For full competition results check out the Deja Blue III page on Performance Freediving’s page!

Thanks again to all of my sponsors that made this happen: Performance Freediving, Austin’s Diving Center, Sea Experience and Lauderdale Diver! Couldn’t do it without you!


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  1. American Women Break World & National Records at Deja Blue III - DeeperBlue.com

    […] Erin Magee is no stranger to records, today she cemented her sixth USA title with a beautiful constant weight dive to 81 meters. Magee executed a clean performance in two minutes and :40 seconds to garner a white card from the judges and yet another CWT national record. “Today’s dive was great!” said Erin, “I can’t wait to go deeper and deeper.” […]

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