May 05

More Freediving National Records Fall at Deja Blue!

Day two of Deja Blue brought even more excitement as three more national records fell in ocean disciplines. I don’t know what’s in the water here, but the performances have been amazing so far!

Nicholas Mevoli began the day by breaking the US Men’s National Record in constant weight with a dive to 91m/299 feet. This record was previously held by Rob King at 90m. He made the dive look easy and has all of us wondering how much further he’s going to go! 

He said that his friends said, “Wow, you’re just a beginner,” but he replied, “No, this is just the beginning.”

Just 14 minutes later Grant Hogan broke the US Men’s National Record in constant weight without fins with a dive to 71m/233 feet.

“I remember seeing how excited the safeties were and I knew I was close. The recovery was tough, but I pulled it off and I’m really jazzed,” he said.

Grant originally broke this record in 2011, only to have it rebroken by Rob King. Now that he has the record back once again, Grant says he’s relieved that all his training has paid off.

This is Grant’s third national record in this discipline.





Iru Balic, of Venezuela, finished off the day with a 42m/138 feet free immersion dive, breaking the previous National Record held by Deisy Marquez. “It was an easy dive and it made me want to go for more,” she said. We’re all excited to see her do it.

So far no records have fallen in the pool, but stay tuned as I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple more fell there too!

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