May 07

More Records Falling at Deja Blue…

Yes, it’s still happening! More records have fallen!

Ashley Chapman broke the World Record for diving to depth without fins to a depth of 65 meters! I’ve been waiting to post until the video was up online, but the internet has made uploading slow so I’ll update you guys here as soon as that’s available, but I can tell you I’ve seen it and it’s amazing!

Wes Lapp also broke the US Men’s National Record for dynamic apnea, previously held by Ted Harty, with an incredible performance of 172 meters in a pool (a 25 meter pool no less!). His unique style and use of the Orca monofin designed by aeronautical engineer Ron Smith is something not to be missed. I’ll post that record video here too as soon as it’s available!

Stay tuned for record videos and for more news from Deja Blue III here in Grand Cayman! Only 3 days to go so here’s the current tally of records broken:

Ashley Chapman- 2 World Records CNF- Now 65 meters

Nick Mevoli- 1 National Record CWT- Now 91 meters

Grant Hogan- 1 National Record CNF- Now 71 meters

Iru Balic- 1 National (Venezuelan) Record FIM- 42 meters

Wes Lapp- 1 National Record DYN- Now 172 meters

Me!- 1 National Record CWT- Now 81 meters

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