May 08

Steve Benson Breaks the US Men’s Static Apnea Record at Deja Blue III!

Only moments ago freediving competition newcomer Steve Benson broke the US Men’s National Record for Static Apnea with a breath-hold of 7:43! The record was previously held by Bill Graham of Hawaii at 7:39.

Steve made the breath-hold look easy and barely showed any sign that the static was anything but pleasant until the very end. Coached by world-record-holder Ashley Chapman and Kerry Hollowell, Steve looked ecstatic to have broken this record. He previously performed an unofficial static of 7:44 during a PFI Intermediate Freediver course in Wilmington, NC.

When asked how he felt about his first national record he said, “It feels surreal bc i’m surrounded by so many world class freedivers. Being surrounded by these amazing people makes it possible for me to do more. The encouragement and camaraderie has made it so much easier. I definitely feel relieved and excited!”

Video to come!


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  1. Bill Graham

    Congratulations Steve. Look forward to meeting you in person.

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