May 09

The Faceoff for a Freediving World Record

Just one day after Ashley Chapman re-broke the Women’s World Record for diving to depth without fins to 65 meters/213 feet, Russian competitive freediver Natalia Molchanova broke it again to 66 meters/217 feet in a competition half a world away in Dahab, Egypt.

Natalia currently holds all the World Records for the self-powered disciplines and has been at the forefront of competitive freediving for many years.

While the news of her record being broken came as a surprise to everyone at Deja Blue, Ashley remains unfazed. Of this record she said, “Ever since I started freediving Natalia’s been the one to beat and nothing’s changed. But I’m feeling really strong and it’s not over yet.”

I personally think Ashley is capable of taking the record back and am sending out all my love to this little American underdog. Go, Ashley, go!


  1. Bill Graham

    Go get ‘er Ashley. You can do it.

  2. Wes

    Go Ashley!

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