May 11

Deja Blue III on CNN and Final Results!

Even after the Deja Blue III competition has come to an end, there’s still lots happening for the athletes and coordinators here in Grand Cayman!

Freelance photographer Logan Mock-Bunting attended Deja Blue to photograph the event and after taking some breath-taking photos CNN published a photographic account of the competition. You can see the full version here.

As for the athletes? Well the final day of competition ended with quite a few blackouts, including mine, so it’s pretty evident how tired everyone is. Now We’re all enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation (and a couple of beers) after an intense few weeks of diving. Here’s a quick recap of how the competition ended:

Overall competition results: Competition standings are determined by points acquired by participating in a myriad of disciplines.

Men’s standings:
Gold-Ben Weiss (USA)
Silver- Nick Mevoli (USA)
Bronze- Grant Hogan (USA)

Women’s standings:

Gold- Jen Balfour (CAN)
Silver- Iru Balic (VEN)
Bronze- Carol Schrappe (BRA)


Records broken:

Ashley Chapman broke two CNF World Records, setting the record to 65 meters Yes, Natalia broke it afterward and currently holds the record at 66 meters, but I’m guessing that may not stand for long with Ashley around.

Nick Mevoli broke the US Men’s National Record in CWT with a dive to 91 meters/299 feet.

Grant Hogan broke the US Men’s National Record in CNF with a dive to 71 meters/233 feet.

Steve Benson broke the US Men’s National Record in Static Apnea with a breath-hold of 7:43

Wes Lapp broke the US Men’s National Record in DYN with a swim of 172 meters in a pool.

I broke the US Women’s National Record in CWT with a dive to 81m/266 feet.

Iru Balic broke the Venezuelan Women’s National Record in FIM with a dive to 42 meters/ 136 feet.

What now?

Now we charge up our scooter batteries and get ready for Formula3Freediving races! Stay tuned for race line-ups and results!


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  1. Bill Graham

    Great results. Congratulations to Ben/Jen. Looking forward to seeing some videos of the F3 comp. Feel sorry for Ashley having to prove that timing is everything. Can anyone give me Steve’s phone number?

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