Jun 20

The Danger of Danger and Fear in Freediving

“Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.” – Bohdi (Point Break, 1991)


What do I know about danger? Well, for starters I’m a man. I’ve spent a good amount of time doing dangerous things. Most times I’ve taken calculated risks that place me in danger. Other times it’s more of an organic process (stupidity) that leads to peril. Knowing this it comes at no surprise that I’m a freediver, right? Every dive I have to worry about black outs, dying, sharks and implosion. That’s pretty hardcore. The thing is I don’t worry about that because it’s not exactly a real threat. Yes, freediving can be dangerous and scary but things aren’t always as they seem.

I have to apologize to you already. I was going write a hilarious article about freediving’s perceived danger. I was going to discuss some actual reasons freediving was dangerous then give you some simple steps to take to avoid these dangers. Things like diving with a buddy who actually knows how to save your life. Long story short, just take a class from any of the companies you find on this site and you’ll be four times safer than when you started diving. You’re welcome for simplifying it.

Then in true Grant-Hogan fashion I was going to make a complete mockery of people’s fears about freediving. Then I would have gone all philosophical and talked about putting yourself in danger and how facing your fear is the only way to truly know what kind of person you are. It was going to be AMAZING. You woulda been crying AND laughing by this point.

Unfortunately I’m not an irrational person. My brain couldn’t even fathom why someone would think freediving was scary or dangerous (cause I took a class and I’m super safe now). Like any grown man who doesn’t know something, I asked my mother why people think freediving is so dangerous.

Now, remember, I was going to make this hilarious, but my mother went all serious on me. It was tough to make light of what she had to say.

“The scariest thing as a mom is to know you’re down there alone” said my mom, “And I couldn’t get to you if I had to.” The only reply I could say that could be funny would make me sound like an ass. (Read this in a goofy, making fun of your mom tone)

“Well of course you couldn’t get down there mom… nobody in America could. Thats why it’s a record.” Are you starting to see why I couldn’t write what I’d planned?

Again I apologize for the inconvenience. You expected an amazing article to follow up such a witty title and I wished I could give it to you. I’m sure we both learned something from this though, right? I learned you can’t force pure genious. You learned you should take a freediving class. Again, you’re welcome.

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  1. tami

    NIce!! Love reading your articles.

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