Sep 04

Freediving Tattoos- the Good, the Bad and the Misspelled

Remember when Wolverine got tricked into getting adamantium bones? Well, imagine that scene but instead of a metal skeleton it’s gills and imagine Wolverine was a little drunk. Then instead of getting really mad and jumping off a waterfall naked, he cried a little and had to walk home alone in the rain. That is basically the scene of me getting gills tattooed on my ribs.

Not everyone is a fan of tattoos and I completely understand that. Sometimes they can be ridiculous. Like if in college you and your friend got the names of your favorite movies tattooed on your leg…but misspelled…**Ahem**

Or, you get a shark eating a baby in your armpit…WTF, right? Sometimes they’re just classic tattoos representing your love for water. Anchor on the forearm, Poseidon doing his thing or the Little Mermaid. I won’t judge you. They can show people what you’re into. They can remind you every time you take your shirt off that you’re good at swimming and not breathing. They don’t even have to make sense.

Here are a few cool freediving tattoos and a few aren’t really that cool. You can be the judge. I apologize if there happens to be a picture of your tattoo on here and its not cool.

P.S. I also threw in a picture of me doing downward dog while my dog does downward dog.


  1. Joe

    Love the tats – inspired…..ehhhh..:) Great post!

    1. GrantHogan

      Thanks Joe. Don’t give up on your tattoo dreams. I’m a good judge of tattoos so if you want a second opinion let me know.

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