Oct 05

Avoiding Freediving Faux Pas

Freediving, like so many other small communities, has a culture, a style and yes, even a language of its own. And while the freediving world can be very tight-knit, it’s also very welcoming to newcomers and other explorers of the ocean. But if you really want to break into the freediving community, it’s always important to abide by basic freediving etiquette to ensure the most dive site invites. Here are a few of the biggest faux pas to avoid in freediving.

Calling it “Snorkeling”: Yes, we’re freedivers and we love our snorkels. But don’t call us “snorkelers” or you’ll see how quickly a snorkel can be used as a weapon.

Calling them “Flippers”: They’re FINS! We like to pretend we’re fish and it shatters the illusion when someone calls them flippers.

Unsafe Diving Practices: This one’s no joke. Being unsafe in the water is the quickest way to get uninvited on the next dive day.

Bragging: Great divers never say they’re awesome. They just are. Bragging is one of the biggest red flags for divers to avoid.

Failure to Pay it Forward: All of us had help at one point or another and it’s important to use that acquired knowledge to help future divers too.

Being Lame to New Divers: Great divers help new freedivers get into the sport, not act like jerks because they’re not as good.

Failure to Respect the Environment: The best divers try to leave the dive site the way they found it. This means cleaning up trash, only taking a reasonable catch limit and respecting the local rules.

Imposing Stinky Gear on Other Divers: No one’s freediving equipment smells like roses…but leaving smelly gear outside the house or hotel room will make you much more popular with dive buddies!

Gas, Grass or Ass: I’m joking really, but if someone else drove to the dive site or used their boat it’s only fair to pay for gas/food/etc.

I’m sure there are many, many more freediving faux pas, (and I’m sure we’ve all run into them from time to time!), so I welcome more suggestions!

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