Mar 20

Herbert Nitsch discusses his final dive with 60 Minutes/Red Bulletin

Just caught this must-read article in the UK version of Red Bulletin magazine. It’s not the complete article so you’ll have to pick up the March issue to read the fully story and to answer questions like…”Will he try again???”

He also did an interview with 60 Minutes on the fateful dive, saying, “I knew I shouldn’t have done it.”

For those of you who’ve been under a freediving rock for the last year and don’t know the backstory here- Herbert attempted an 800-foot No Limits dive in June of last year. While he reached 800 feet, he had to be assisted to the surface by his safety team, and was helicoptered to the nearest hospital with a decompression chamber where he was diagnosed with decompression sickness. Since then he’s been very quiet on the whole event, making these interviews all the more intriguing.

Check out the Red Bull article here.

Here’s a short clip from the 60 Minutes interview too, in case you missed it.

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