Nov 18

In Memory: Nicholas Mevoli

I’ve never had so much trouble figuring out what to say. We lost a great diver yesterday. The freediving community has felt this loss at its very core and it’s been really touching to see how many people are coming together to mourn and to celebrate the short but unbelievably successful freediving career Nick had.

I spent hours yesterday on the phone…trying to make sense of this. Crying. Telling stories. Getting angry. Being sad.

But if I know anything about Nick, it’s that he may have gone too young, but he touched many lives and lived those short years he had.

He wrote a blog for FDB a while back and in it he wrote something that seems even more poignant now:


“Water is acceptance of the unknown, of demons, of emotions, of letting go and allowing your self to flow freely with it.

Never lie to the water because you are only lying to yourself. Be true to yourself. Accept faults and weakness. Rally around strengths and ability. Be open and accept the emotions as they happen and let them pass. Come to the water willing to be consumed by it but also have confidence that your ability will bring you back.”-Nick

I can’t read that without tearing up. But you know…it shows his love for the sport. How many people in this world can say they found their true passion in this life? Nick did, he committed and gave himself over to it in so many ways.

Thank you, Nick, for being a fierce competitor, a committed diver, a caring friend. Goodbye, Nicholas Mevoli.

Read his full blog post here.

Watch Nick doing what he loved here.

Read the New York Times coverage here.

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