Apr 16

What do Game of Thrones and freediving have in common?

If you’ve read my post about freediving on TV and in movies, then you know I’ve always got my eye out for freediving shout-outs in the media. Well I’m also way too into this new season of Game of Thrones, so I figured it was fitting and about time for a post about what GOT and freediving have in common.


1. People freedive…sort of. 

The Greyjoys drown their priests and baptize their people in seawater. Some of them even drink seawater. (I think I met that guy when I lived in the Keys) Yep, I’m counting it. Oh and in the book (though they kind of omit this in the series) Davos Seaworth has to freedive beneath Blackwater Bay to escape wildfire during the Siege of Kingslanding. I’m definitely counting THAT one.

2. People know CPR

Robb’s wife recounts a story of a slave in Volantis saving her young brother from drowning by performing CPR.

3. People have supernatural powers

Bran can transport into the mind of his direwolf and we can dive hundreds of feet underwater on a single breath. That’s like…just as good….right?

4. Everyone wants to know where their dragons are

Yes, we all do. Where are MY dragons anyway?!

5. The right equipment is key

They have their broadswords and we have our longblades. I think in true GOT style I’ll start naming mine. Depthbringer…no…Oceanbane…

6. We eat weird stuff

They have their pigeon pie, we have our sour sop. Though I think freedivers are probably pickier. We’re often avoiding caffeine, dairy and many freedivers I know are vegetarian…whereas in GOT the peasants are regularly eating unknown-meat soup. Mmm…

7. Our outfits are very expensive.

Sansa may have silk dresses with gold brocade, but we have the finest suits made of pure Yamamoto neoprene. I’m guessing the prices are comparable.

8. They know how to party

We may not have Dornish wine, but freedivers definitely know how to have a good time. And people’s heads RARELY fall off at OUR parties.


Not Common:

GOT is way more dangerous

In freediving there are classes that teach safety which drastically reduces your risk. I don’t think there are any classes for surviving in the seven kingdoms. I mean, how do you recover from decapitation/being burned alive/arrows…the list goes on. Though I guess Beric Dondarrion is figuring it out.

People don’t watch freediving on TV as much

Eh, this is one place where GOT has us beat. Fair enough.

Pretty much all freedivers have attached heads

As far as I know we’ve got GOT beat by 100% here. And no, being hypo-capnic does not mean to lose your head. (If you get that joke you are TRULY a freediving nerd and I adore you.)

Freedivers are much nicer

We’re not just being nice to trick you into trusting us so we can sell information about you to the queen…not as far as you know anyway…


Okay, that’s enough. Thanks for indulging my truly nerdy side. But here’s another question that comes to mind- If you were going freediving anywhere in the Game of Thrones world, where would it be? I’m leaning towards Volantis or Dorne, but that’s just because they sound warm. Thoughts?

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  1. Joe Orr

    Simply awesome! :)

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