Apr 24

A little note to FreediveBlog readers…

Hey all you faithful FDB readers,

I’ve really enjoyed writing for you over the last few years (has it really been that long??) and I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing contributors write for FDB as well. This has long been a place for me to share my love of freediving, my knowledge of the sport and to think outloud about any random diving-related thought that pops into my head.

But that being said, FDB is as much for you as it is for me. And I know that some of you are dedicated readers who read every post I write, while others of you are just passing through. Regardless, I want you to feel like this content adds a little bit to your diving in every way possible. I try to mix it up between diving tips, real-life examples and more lighthearted posts, but I know you all must have your own questions about freediving that I just haven’t touched on yet.

While it’s always been the case that I welcome emails and comments from readers, I want to remind all of you that your questions inspire me to write as much as my writing (hopefully) inspires you to dive. And even though there are some things I can’t cover on here (c’mon…I can’t tell you how to hold your breath for 4 minutes without showing you the safety in a classroom environment), I’m re-inviting you to send me all your questions, anecdotes, dive photos and to contribute in your own way to our little freediving community.

So with that, please don’t be a stranger and either post your questions on here or email me at erin.magee@freediveblog.com. I’ll try to address as many questions as I can over time and may even quote some of you if you’re not shy. Don’t worry- everyone here is pretty friendly. :)

Thanks again for making FDB everything that it is,




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  1. tom

    Hey Erin, Your articles are awesome. My contribution is as a newbie; although, my friends tell me my static is not so bad 7m+ (especially as an old guy). Just want to encourage you to keep on going and keep on writing. I love your articles. My daughter and I are stoked to get to our first competition at Deja Blue 2015 ( we are out of vacation days in 2014) and we stay tuned to your posts!

    I guess the only thing to add to this forum that many people might understand is how my X girlfriend decided my love of freediving was too much – hence X. You would think she would have opted to join the family. Why not?

    Anyway – please don’t feel like your posts are not read, or not appreciated. FYI I will never use gel for a mustache and will stay clean shaven….. Can’t find a new girlfriend with lots of boogars :)

    If anyone wants to join us here we have awesome freediving with lots of fish and great company. -tom


    1. admin

      Hi Tom,
      That is a great static time! It’ll definitely help you when you get out to Deja Blue next year. If you train for equalization at depth, that kind of static could bring you great things.

      Thanks for the great post idea- an issue many of us have dealt with over time. Best plan? Date another freediver if possible. :) It comes with a built-in buddy as well. But since that’s not always the easiest route I’ll brainstorm and get back to you via post very soon.

      Until then, happy diving! Nice site too!

  2. nick fazah

    My question:

    How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck knew how to freedive 😉

    1. admin

      Well, Nick- Obviously much less than a non-freediving woodchuck since he’ll be busy freediving!

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