Apr 28

NEWS: Los Amigos DVD Review and Release Party!!

This past week I had the privilege of watching the pre-release of Los Amigos, the follow up DVD to the California-based freediving film, Blue: Spearfishing the Californias. Filmed all over the west coast, Los Amigos takes you on an epic spearfishing trip from your own living room. If you freedive, spearfish or know anyone who does, this is a must-see.

If you’re interested in checking it out yourself (Who are we kidding…I know you’re interested) and you’re going to be in NorCal, join filmmakers David Laird and Doug Jones for a viewing and release party on May 17! 

 To purchase Los Amigos, go to www.fishvicious.com or email David directly.

If you do pick up a copy of the movie, check out the DVD jacket…you may recognize me somewhere on there. :)


  1. Tino

    Looking forward to it.
    Blue is such an awesome film, can’t wait to see Los Amigos.

    1. admin

      Hi Tino,
      Los Amigos is even better!

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