May 17

Surprise…I’m in a beer commercial!

Wow…so the other day a friend of mine tells me:

Them: So I really like that Michelob Ultra Commercial you’re in.

Me: What?

Them: The one with you and the whales…? It’s on ESPN??

Me: …What?

Apparently Michelob Ultra used some of the footage from the GroPro video Whale Fantasia we shot in Tonga for their latest brew commercial. Since then I’ve searched online to try and find a link to no avail, but today, with the help of my Facebook crew, I got it! So for those of you who liked Whale Fantasia and also like beer…here you go!

And I’m just sayin’, Michelob,…if you want to send some free beers my way I’d be okay with it.

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  1. Tim M.

    That’s a funny way to find out about it. Whale Fantasia is a great video, I just finished watching it.

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