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May 01

Reader Submission: How can I get my ears to clear?!

When I first started freediving, I had so many ear problems I almost gave up. I just couldn’t get my ears to clear reliably. I was frustrated. I felt alone. Surely no other freedivers had THIS many ear issues, right? Well, since then I’ve worked through my ear problems, though I have to constantly work at …

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Jul 31

The Extremes of Freediving Under Pressure

Freediving Depths

“Pressure pushing down on me, pushing down on you…” Queen, Under Pressure Pressure affects all of us. It’s inescapable. So as freedivers, in a sport where water pressure compresses the air in our lungs to incomprehensibly tiny volumes and crushes our bodies, we not only have to overcome the hurdles of pressure, but teach our bodies …

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Jun 05

Do Freediving Blackouts Cause Brain Damage?


I recently wrote a post where I mentioned that blackouts “don’t cause brain damage,” and after some discussion I realize that I have been simplifying a very complicated topic regarding freediving and the associated physiology and research. In response to this I wanted to take a closer look at the results of blackout and the …

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Mar 31

Avoiding Freediving Competition Jitters- How to Stay Calm and Confident


It’s funny how the same thing happens every single year as the Deja Blue competition in Grand Cayman approaches. Everyone preparing for it, or for any competition for that matter, gets the pre-competition jitters. I get phone calls and emails from new and long-time competitors alike concerned that they’re not going to do well this year. They wonder …

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Mar 18

Altitude Hypoxia- Video From How to Kill a Human Being

A friend sent this video to me from the show, How to Kill a Human Being and it turned out to be an amazing video on the effects of hypoxia. It really highlights not only the way a lack of oxygen affects a person’s reasoning and problem-solving abilties but also their inability to recognize their own …

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Mar 17

Freediving Competitions- 10 Common Mistakes

Freediving competition tag

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” – Oscar Wilde And let me tell you, I have a LOT of experience. But all kidding aside, a lot of doing well at freediving competitions has to do with being familiar with all the different ways you can get disqualified or receive penalties. Freediving competitions …

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Mar 01

Mind Over Matter- A Freediver’s Quandry

Freediving Breathe-Up

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha You don’t have to be Buddhist for this quote to ring true, especially if you’re a freediver. If you’ve ever participated in any competitive sport, be it track, basketball or boxing, you know that when the countdown hits zero, it’s on. You’re excited, anxious …

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Feb 18

The Perfect Grouper Call


As I am getting back into training one big question that always runs through my head is whether or not I’ll be able to equalize at the depths that I’m targeting this year. Every year it’s the same. I can train my legs to handle lactic burn, I can train my breath-hold, but equalization is …

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