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May 17

Surprise…I’m in a beer commercial!

Wow…so the other day a friend of mine tells me: Them: So I really like that Michelob Ultra Commercial you’re in. Me: What? Them: The one with you and the whales…? It’s on ESPN?? Me: …What? Apparently Michelob Ultra used some of the footage from the GroPro video Whale Fantasia we shot in Tonga for …

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Apr 09

Navigating rough waters

2014-04-06 13.34.47

Just went to the coast yesterday and saw something really gutting. In the span of about 10 seconds I watched a diver lose his fins, float, speargun and all his abalone gear. AND he almost got severely hurt. It was a beautiful, sunny day on the Mendo coast that could have gone very bad very …

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Feb 07

East Meets West- and epic freediving ensues

Gearing up at our entry point

Here’s something you won’t often hear someone from Northern CA say: “So I went diving in February and it was epic!” But in truth, I went diving out here Tuesday and contrary to what I expected, it was a sickly awesome day out. Here are the things that happened in a nutshell. -Watched a new …

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Nov 08

Freediving with Team GoPro

freediving humpback whales GoPro

Many of you have probably seen the new GoPro video for their new Hero3 camera by now. (If not, crawl out from under that rock and check it out!) The video itself is just over five minutes of pure adrenaline-pumping, goosebump-giving, makes-you-wanna-ski-off-a-cliff excitement. But in those short five minutes you see much more than just …

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Jul 09

Freediving Secret Spots- Why You Can’t Dive Here

California Coast Diving

Recently, on the north coast of California: Overly aggressive out-of-area diver: “You ain’t been posting about this spot on the internet have you?” (Said after pulling into the turnout at top speed in a cloud of dust, window down in anticipation of confrontation.) Still dripping local diver: “excuse me?” “This is my spot and I …

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May 31

Learning to Hunt in NorCal’s Waters


I learned to dive in the warm, clear waters of Florida, where the fish may not always be monsters, but getting in the water is as easy as slipping on a 3mm wetsuit and diving in. Hunting meant looking for hogfish, mutton snappers and grouper or going for lobsters. Now that I live in Northern …

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Mar 28

Five Tips to Make the Most of Your Freedive Training

Erin Magee static apnea

Freedive training doesn’t always come easy and I’ve found that moreso in my new locale of Sonoma County than any area before. In  Fort Lauderdale I used to drive 10 minutes to the pool, which always had an open lane (that I took for granted!). In Sonoma I drive nearly an hour to get to …

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Feb 12

In Search of Zee Elusive Honaunau Shark

eric honaunau

If you read that with a French accent then you heard it the same way I meant it. I had a very Zissou-esque day in the water yesterday after being tipped off to a supposed hammerhead hotspot 50 yards off the south point of Honaunau, a dive spot we frequent on the Big Island. Honaunau …

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Jan 29

NorCal- Cold Water’s Biggest Perks


Went out to the coast yesterday and had a pretty stellar day out there. Wasn’t diving just then, but I stopped and hung out at the beach for a little bit to enjoy the 70-something degree sunny weather we had. Yeah…supposedly it’s winter, but you wouldn’t know it. Anyway, it got me thinking about some …

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