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Jul 21

A Freediver looks at 30

Erin Magee freediving

As I look back at turning 30 a couple weeks ago, I find myself reminiscing about so many of the most memorable moments in my life, which, of course, usually involve freediving. I’ve been incredibly lucky to work and dive alongside many freediving greats and to travel to amazing dive locations. From diving with whales in …

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Jun 03

The Art of Freediving Repurposing

Northern California freediving spearfishing

Several years ago I was teaching a freediving class in Florida and realized I’d lost my snorkel keeper. It seems like a small thing, but going sans snorkel keeper is a quick was to lose that $35 piece of equipment you breathe through all day. So I dug around my bag and looked for anything …

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May 14

Freediving women: No such thing as a unisex suit!

Dessault wetsuit

If you’ve ever met me in person, at a tradeshow, at a presentation or in a class, you know one thing for sure: I hate when women buy wetsuits that are designed for men. An no that’s not hyperbole. I hate it with a fire of a thousand suns. Maybe it’s irrational, but it just seems …

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May 07

Freedivers and Non-freedivers- A look at interspecies dating

freediving couple

Picture this: You’ve just gotten done freediving for the day and you’re at a bar with your dive buddies. You’re having a couple of beers, talking about the awesome catch or the amazing conditions. One of your buddies brought his/her significant other, who is a self-described non-diver. No big deal, you and your buddy just …

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Apr 23

Things to remember for a day of freediving

Not Kirk's usual choice of mask...

I always find it funny how putting on a black silicone mask can give divers tunnel vision…figuratively as well as literally. As soon as we get geared up the world around us ceases to exist and all that matters is the water. We forget about stresses at work. We don’t feel hungry or tired because …

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Apr 09

Navigating rough waters

2014-04-06 13.34.47

Just went to the coast yesterday and saw something really gutting. In the span of about 10 seconds I watched a diver lose his fins, float, speargun and all his abalone gear. AND he almost got severely hurt. It was a beautiful, sunny day on the Mendo coast that could have gone very bad very …

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Nov 13

Lube: The freediving suit’s best friend

freediving wolf pack

A conversation between Kirk, Mandy and myself in a dive shop a few years ago: Me: Oh no, I forgot my lube! Mandy: *Looking in her bag* Oh no, me too. Kirk: No problem, I’ve got enough lube for the three of us. Dive shop guy: WHAT?! Ha, but all innuendo aside, lube really is …

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Mar 11

Office Freediving: Apnea for the desk jockey

Office breath-hold

Yes, I realize there’s not much good freediving around the office, but now that I’ve gone back to working a desk, I’ve had to be more creative with my training. I have to go to 6am gym sessions and have MacGyver-ed a stand-up desk so I don’t have to sit all day. Luckily I really …

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Oct 08

Freediving Masks and Mustaches- Advice from a Master

No Freediving Mustache

  I mustache you a question. Today I answer the question that has plagued mankind for centuries. Mustache on or off? Itʼs a delicate subject, especially for the freediving man. On one side thereʼs the group that says a big fat “no” to the ‘stache. Their main concern is that it doesnʼt allow their mask …

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Oct 05

Avoiding Freediving Faux Pas

Freediving, like so many other small communities, has a culture, a style and yes, even a language of its own. And while the freediving world can be very tight-knit, it’s also very welcoming to newcomers and other explorers of the ocean. But if you really want to break into the freediving community, it’s always important …

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