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Jun 03

The Art of Freediving Repurposing

Northern California freediving spearfishing

Several years ago I was teaching a freediving class in Florida and realized I’d lost my snorkel keeper. It seems like a small thing, but going sans snorkel keeper is a quick was to lose that $35 piece of equipment you breathe through all day. So I dug around my bag and looked for anything …

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May 14

Freediving women: No such thing as a unisex suit!

Dessault wetsuit

If you’ve ever met me in person, at a tradeshow, at a presentation or in a class, you know one thing for sure: I hate when women buy wetsuits¬†that are designed for men. An no that’s not hyperbole. I hate it with a fire of a thousand suns. Maybe it’s irrational, but it just seems …

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Nov 13

Lube: The freediving suit’s best friend

freediving wolf pack

A conversation between Kirk, Mandy and myself in a dive shop a few years ago: Me: Oh no, I forgot my lube! Mandy: *Looking in her bag* Oh no, me too. Kirk: No problem, I’ve got enough lube for the three of us. Dive shop guy: WHAT?! Ha, but all innuendo aside, lube really is …

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Jul 26

‘Got Gills?’- Bringing A Freediving Shirt to Life

Freediving shirt 'Got Gills?' Back

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well apparently it takes a village of freedivers to bring a diving clothing line to life. Now, I’ve always been a great “do-er.” Want something done? I’m on it. Got an idea you need put into action? No problem. But want me to come up …

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Apr 03

Freediving Fins- How to Pick the Right Set For You


Long-blade freediving fins have become an iconic symbol for freediving over the years. No one pictures freedivers wearing short snorkeling fins or split fins, but we freedivers don’t just wear them to identify ourselves. We wear these fins because they’re the most effective piece of equipment we can use to move us through the water. …

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Mar 14

Freediving Masks- How to Pick the Right One

Low-Volume Mask Silicone

I always get tons of questions about how to pick out the right gear for freediving. Unfortunately new freeedivers often have to pick out and purchase gear prior to taking their first freediving course. Very few places I’m aware of rent freediving gear, so it can be really tough to know what you’ll like and …

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Feb 27

New Freediving Gear in the Scuba Market

subgear mask

It is amazing how fast freediving is growing as a sport. Every year more new freedivers are joining the community, opting for long-blade fins over scuba fins, choosing low-volume masks over their bulkier counterparts and grabbing snorkels instead of tanks. At the moment I’m just sitting at the airport on my way home after speaking …

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Feb 04

What Are You Wearing???


This is a question I get all the time…about diving! Over the years I’ve really honed in on my personal freediving gear preferences, from various brands to little homemade tweaks to the gear. So here’s a little peek into my freediving life and into my gear bag as it sits right now. ¬†My bag: Dessault …

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