Freedive Courses

Below is a list of Freedive Blog-endorsed courses, run by some of the best instructors in the business. All instructors are certified by top agencies and have met the highest standard of both safety and performance. Click the links below to see course dates from instructors in your area!



Pacific Coast Freediving, run by Freedive Blog administrator Erin Magee and fellow instructor, Jake Bricker, is a west coast-based school that runs PFI Freediver and Intermediate Freediver courses, abalone diving, spearfishing courses, and more up and down the coast of California and beyond. Their instructors run group classes, private programs as well as all-inclusive dive, abalone and spearfishing trips. Click here to see PCF course dates.




North Carolina

Evolve Freediving, run by Freedive Blog contributor Ashley Chapman, teaches spearfishing, general breath-holding and surfing breath-hold programs. Their instructors can help you master equalization techniques, learn underwater videography or even photography. They teach PFI Freediver and Intermediate Freediver courses in North Carolina and offer individualized or group training.



Immersion Freediving runs PFI freediving courses in South Florida. Immersion Freediving specializes in running smaller courses, most courses max out at 5 people per class and typically runs several courses per month. Click here to see Immersion Freediving course dates.  To see what courses are like click here. All classes taught by US National record holder and PFI Intermediate Instructor Ted Harty!

Email Erin for information on becoming a Freedive Blog-endorsed freediving school!

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