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Apr 09

Navigating rough waters

2014-04-06 13.34.47

Just went to the coast yesterday and saw something really gutting. In the span of about 10 seconds I watched a diver lose his fins, float, speargun and all his abalone gear. AND he almost got severely hurt. It was a beautiful, sunny day on the Mendo coast that could have gone very bad very …

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Oct 29

Delicious Paleo Abalone Chowder Recipe

Holy cow, I amazed myself last night. To give you a quick backstory, I’ve been trying out a really strict diet in an attempt to help my stomach issues (Read more about it here). The basic guidelines are to go strict paleo, then cut out other things like nuts, seeds, eggs, etc. It’s been working …

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Jul 09

Freediving Secret Spots- Why You Can’t Dive Here

California Coast Diving

Recently, on the north coast of California: Overly aggressive out-of-area diver: “You ain’t been posting about this spot on the internet have you?” (Said after pulling into the turnout at top speed in a cloud of dust, window down in anticipation of confrontation.) Still dripping local diver: “excuse me?” “This is my spot and I …

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May 31

Learning to Hunt in NorCal’s Waters


I learned to dive in the warm, clear waters of Florida, where the fish may not always be monsters, but getting in the water is as easy as slipping on a 3mm wetsuit and diving in. Hunting meant looking for hogfish, mutton snappers and grouper or going for lobsters. Now that I live in Northern …

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Jan 29

NorCal- Cold Water’s Biggest Perks


Went out to the coast yesterday and had a pretty stellar day out there. Wasn’t diving just then, but I stopped and hung out at the beach for a little bit to enjoy the 70-something degree sunny weather we had. Yeah…supposedly it’s winter, but you wouldn’t know it. Anyway, it got me thinking about some …

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