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Aug 02

Freediving Lingo- A Guide to Understanding Apnea-ish

Freediving Competition Bottom Plate

A phone conversation with my mom during a competition several years ago: Me: “So his whole free immersion dive went great from official top to the end of his surface protocol even though he had a little samba. He got the tag at the plate and said that even though he was narc-ed, his kick …

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Jun 29

An Ode to Freediving Safety Divers


I woke up this morning to find that I’m a whole year older than I was yesterday morning. Funny how that happens. I turn 28 today and find myself looking back at the past few years and all the time I’ve spent in the water with a variety of awesome divers and realize that it’s …

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Jun 20

The Danger of Danger and Fear in Freediving


“Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.” – Bohdi (Point Break, 1991)   What do I know about danger? Well, for starters I’m a man. I’ve spent a good amount of time doing dangerous things. Most times I’ve taken calculated risks that place me in danger. Other times it’s …

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Jun 05

Do Freediving Blackouts Cause Brain Damage?


I recently wrote a post where I mentioned that blackouts “don’t cause brain damage,” and after some discussion I realize that I have been simplifying a very complicated topic regarding freediving and the associated physiology and research. In response to this I wanted to take a closer look at the results of blackout and the …

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May 24

Freediving Blackout- What’s It Really Like?

Joe Blackout

I reached the surface from my 83m/272-foot freedive and vaguely remember hearing the judge shout, “Grab her!” before everything went blank. I was only out for about a second before I came back around, finished my surface protocol, told the judge “I’m okay,” then realized Robert, my safety diver, had ahold of my arm. “Ohh…I …

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May 17

Stay Alive Freediving

james alexander

Yet another freediver has died while recreationally diving in late April of this year. 24-year-old James Alexander blacked out while diving with his brother off Solomon Bay in the US Virgin Islands. You can read the full story here.  Though this story and those like it are terribly sad and tragic, they’re depressingly common. I …

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Mar 18

Altitude Hypoxia- Video From How to Kill a Human Being

A friend sent this video to me from the show, How to Kill a Human Being and it turned out to be an amazing video on the effects of hypoxia. It really highlights not only the way a lack of oxygen affects a person’s reasoning and problem-solving abilties but also their inability to recognize their own …

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Mar 17

Freediving Competitions- 10 Common Mistakes

Freediving competition tag

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” – Oscar Wilde And let me tell you, I have a LOT of experience. But all kidding aside, a lot of doing well at freediving competitions has to do with being familiar with all the different ways you can get disqualified or receive penalties. Freediving competitions …

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Mar 02

A Freediver Blackout Story

Freedive Erin Magee Ninja

So there I was, undercover spy in some unknown country, fighting off evil ninjas when I faintly heard, “Breathe, Erin, breathe.” I ignored it, engaged in my epic ninja battle, until the voice got louder and I felt someone blowing in my face and saying, “Wake up, Erin.” Confused, I opened my eyes to see …

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