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May 19

Guest Post- Robert Lee: Tales of a competition safety diver

Robert Lee Freedives

Below is a guest post from good friend and safety diver, Robert Lee. Robert has been there for me, and many other divers, during record attempts, competition dives and more. He is one of the best safeties I’ve ever worked with and rescued me during my last blackout, during an unsuccessful record attempt to 83 meters/ …

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Jun 29

An Ode to Freediving Safety Divers


I woke up this morning to find that I’m a whole year older than I was yesterday morning. Funny how that happens. I turn 28 today and find myself looking back at the past few years and all the time I’ve spent in the water with a variety of awesome divers and realize that it’s …

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Jun 11

‘How I Got to 91 Meters,’ By Nick Mevoli

Nick Head shot in wet suit

“You can’t lie to the water. Whatever you are going through in life, whatever issues you are dealing with will come out in the water.” -AIDA Judge Grant Graves I have been asked a lot lately how I made it from a 30-meter diver to a 91-meter diver in such a short period of time. …

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May 24

Freediving Blackout- What’s It Really Like?

Joe Blackout

I reached the surface from my 83m/272-foot freedive and vaguely remember hearing the judge shout, “Grab her!” before everything went blank. I was only out for about a second before I came back around, finished my surface protocol, told the judge “I’m okay,” then realized Robert, my safety diver, had ahold of my arm. “Ohh…I …

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May 18

How to Break a Freediving World Record

Ashley CNF 63 Cele sized

I had a lot of success breaking records last year at the Deja Blue II competition in the Cayman Islands.  In fact, I managed to break the national record in the discipline of CNF three times.  Once to 50 meters, once to 55 meters (a pan-American record) and last to 58 meters.  I exceeded, by …

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May 12

More National and World Record Videos Up!

Thanks to the efforts of our video team here at Deja Blue we’ve got more record videos posted! See them below!   Grant Hogan breaks the US Men’s National Record in CNF with a dive to 71 meters/ 233 feet   Nick Mevoli breaks the US Men’s National Record in CWT with a dive to …

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May 11

Deja Blue III on CNN and Final Results!

Jen Balfour Ben Weiss Champions

Even after the Deja Blue III competition has come to an end, there’s still lots happening for the athletes and coordinators here in Grand Cayman! Freelance photographer Logan Mock-Bunting attended Deja Blue to photograph the event and after taking some breath-taking photos CNN published a photographic account of the competition. You can see the full …

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May 09

The Faceoff for a Freediving World Record

Natalia Molchanova World Record

Just one day after Ashley Chapman re-broke the Women’s World Record for diving to depth without fins to 65 meters/213 feet, Russian competitive freediver Natalia Molchanova broke it again to 66 meters/217 feet in a competition half a world away in Dahab, Egypt. Natalia currently holds all the World Records for the self-powered disciplines and …

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May 08

Steve Benson Breaks the US Men’s Static Apnea Record at Deja Blue III!

steve benson national record

Only moments ago freediving competition newcomer Steve Benson broke the US Men’s National Record for Static Apnea with a breath-hold of 7:43! The record was previously held by Bill Graham of Hawaii at 7:39. Steve made the breath-hold look easy and barely showed any sign that the static was anything but pleasant until the very …

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May 08

More Videos from Deja Blue III- Watch Records Fall!

Yes, there’s more! Below are the videos of Grant Hogan, Nick Mevoli and Iru Balic breaking national records! Stay tuned for videos of Ashley and Wes breaking even more records!   Grant Hogan breaks the US Men’s CNF Record with a dive to 71m/ 233 feet     Nick Mevoli breaks the US Men’s CWT …

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