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Jul 30

Team USA to Battle for Gold at Freediving World Championships

Freediving Team USA competition

“Carry the battle to them. Don’t let them bring it to you. Put them on the defensive and don’t ever apologize for anything,”- Harry S. Truman   And so we send our American freedive team to battle the top athletes in the world for a chance at victory. On Sept. 7 six athletes, three men …

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Jul 17

Freediving Rule #1: Be Nice to Your Ears


The Issue One of the most limiting factors for freedivers is the inability to equalize at depth.  One of the most limiting factors for the freedive instructor is to teach students to equalize.  To some degree, the process of equalization, or making the pressure on both sides of the eardrum the same, is obscure.  Independent …

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Jul 10

Ways to Screw Up a Freedive- Part 1

erin magee freediving national record

It was the first day of the Deja Blue III competition and I was on my way down to 81 meters/266 feet, a new National Record and personal best and the dive felt great. I relaxed and my ears, which had been giving me grief for a few days prior to this record attempt, finally …

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Jun 04

A Look into the Future of Freediving

With every dive we are trying to find the deeper meaning of freediving.  We feel like part of the elite when we describe our esoteric sport.  We boast to our friends and families about five-plus-minute breath-holds and the meters upon meters that we swim straight down into the belly of Mother Ocean.  They talk about …

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May 31

Learning to Hunt in NorCal’s Waters


I learned to dive in the warm, clear waters of Florida, where the fish may not always be monsters, but getting in the water is as easy as slipping on a 3mm wetsuit and diving in. Hunting meant looking for hogfish, mutton snappers and grouper or going for lobsters. Now that I live in Northern …

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May 18

How to Break a Freediving World Record

Ashley CNF 63 Cele sized

I had a lot of success breaking records last year at the Deja Blue II competition in the Cayman Islands.  In fact, I managed to break the national record in the discipline of CNF three times.  Once to 50 meters, once to 55 meters (a pan-American record) and last to 58 meters.  I exceeded, by …

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Mar 07

Free-dieting- The Ideal Freediving Diet

Freediving Boat

First off, let me say this– Yes, freediving can make you skinny. Diving to extreme depths and going through high levels of hypoxia burns calories. I don’t know the exact science behind it, but every year that I go to Grand Cayman to compete I lose over ten pounds. I’m not running and I’m not …

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