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Oct 08

Freediving Masks and Mustaches- Advice from a Master

No Freediving Mustache

  I mustache you a question. Today I answer the question that has plagued mankind for centuries. Mustache on or off? Itʼs a delicate subject, especially for the freediving man. On one side thereʼs the group that says a big fat “no” to the ‘stache. Their main concern is that it doesnʼt allow their mask …

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Sep 04

Freediving Tattoos- the Good, the Bad and the Misspelled

Spearing fish tattoo

Remember when Wolverine got tricked into getting adamantium bones? Well, imagine that scene but instead of a metal skeleton it’s gills and imagine Wolverine was a little drunk. Then instead of getting really mad and jumping off a waterfall naked, he cried a little and had to walk home alone in the rain. That is …

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Aug 20

A Photographic Tribute to Shark Week

Diving High-Five Shark

We all know what week this is. Its that week when going into any body of water gets incredibly dangerous. ITS SHARK WEEK!!! This week sharks are everywhere. The ocean is thick with them. They can be in rivers and lakes. I wouldn’t even trust your swimming pool, because I’m sure you remember from last …

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Jul 26

‘Got Gills?’- Bringing A Freediving Shirt to Life

Freediving shirt 'Got Gills?' Back

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well apparently it takes a village of freedivers to bring a diving clothing line to life. Now, I’ve always been a great “do-er.” Want something done? I’m on it. Got an idea you need put into action? No problem. But want me to come up …

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Jun 25

A Photographic Whale Encounter Story- by Grant Hogan


Jun 20

The Danger of Danger and Fear in Freediving


“Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.” – Bohdi (Point Break, 1991)   What do I know about danger? Well, for starters I’m a man. I’ve spent a good amount of time doing dangerous things. Most times I’ve taken calculated risks that place me in danger. Other times it’s …

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Jun 01

How Freedivers Take a Breath

Grant Hogan Breathes

In and out, right? That’s all there is to it? Ha! And you thought you already knew how to breathe! One of the biggest revelations I had when I took my first freediving class was that I’d been breathing all wrong. My “biggest” breath was less than half of what I eventually learned to get …

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May 29

A Comedic Look at No-Fins Diving by Grant Hogan


I canʼt count the number of times Iʼve been asked why I choose to dive almost exclusively without fins. Typically I answer confusing questions like this one with blank faced stares or pose questions of my own, like the classic, “Why not?” Generally these tactics donʼt make much in the way of conversation so Iʼve …

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May 12

More National and World Record Videos Up!

Thanks to the efforts of our video team here at Deja Blue we’ve got more record videos posted! See them below!   Grant Hogan breaks the US Men’s National Record in CNF with a dive to 71 meters/ 233 feet   Nick Mevoli breaks the US Men’s National Record in CWT with a dive to …

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May 11

Deja Blue III on CNN and Final Results!

Jen Balfour Ben Weiss Champions

Even after the Deja Blue III competition has come to an end, there’s still lots happening for the athletes and coordinators here in Grand Cayman! Freelance photographer Logan Mock-Bunting attended Deja Blue to photograph the event and after taking some breath-taking photos CNN published a photographic account of the competition. You can see the full …

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