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May 19

Guest Post- Robert Lee: Tales of a competition safety diver

Robert Lee Freedives

Below is a guest post from good friend and safety diver, Robert Lee. Robert has been there for me, and many other divers, during record attempts, competition dives and more. He is one of the best safeties I’ve ever worked with and rescued me during my last blackout, during an unsuccessful record attempt to 83 meters/ …

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Jun 19

The 10 Commandments of Freediving

Freediving buddy

Inspired by a recent episode of my favorite radio show, “This American Life” hosted by Ira Glass, I have created my own digestible list of commandments related to our favorite sport.  Ren downloads episodes of this show for me to listen to while we are sailing.  What a swell fella! Never dive alone Obvious right?  …

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Jun 05

Do Freediving Blackouts Cause Brain Damage?


I recently wrote a post where I mentioned that blackouts “don’t cause brain damage,” and after some discussion I realize that I have been simplifying a very complicated topic regarding freediving and the associated physiology and research. In response to this I wanted to take a closer look at the results of blackout and the …

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May 12

More National and World Record Videos Up!

Thanks to the efforts of our video team here at Deja Blue we’ve got more record videos posted! See them below!   Grant Hogan breaks the US Men’s National Record in CNF with a dive to 71 meters/ 233 feet   Nick Mevoli breaks the US Men’s National Record in CWT with a dive to …

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May 11

Deja Blue III on CNN and Final Results!

Jen Balfour Ben Weiss Champions

Even after the Deja Blue III competition has come to an end, there’s still lots happening for the athletes and coordinators here in Grand Cayman! Freelance photographer Logan Mock-Bunting attended Deja Blue to photograph the event and after taking some breath-taking photos CNN published a photographic account of the competition. You can see the full …

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May 07

More Records Falling at Deja Blue…

Yes, it’s still happening! More records have fallen! Ashley Chapman broke the World Record for diving to depth without fins to a depth of 65 meters! I’ve been waiting to post until the video was up online, but the internet has made uploading slow so I’ll update you guys here as soon as that’s available, …

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May 04

World and National Records Fall at Deja Blue!!


Hey everyone, AMAZING first day on the water for the PFI Deja Blue Competition! Here’s the recap and stay tuned for more updates! These results will be made official tonight, so if anything changes (that’s not anticipated ) I’ll amend what’s here then. Ashley Chapman, well-known no-fins specialist, made a dive to 63m/ 206 feet …

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Mar 17

Freediving Competitions- 10 Common Mistakes

Freediving competition tag

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” – Oscar Wilde And let me tell you, I have a LOT of experience. But all kidding aside, a lot of doing well at freediving competitions has to do with being familiar with all the different ways you can get disqualified or receive penalties. Freediving competitions …

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