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Apr 28

NEWS: Los Amigos DVD Review and Release Party!!

Los Amigos Release Party

This past week I had the privilege of watching the pre-release of Los Amigos, the follow up DVD to the California-based freediving film, Blue: Spearfishing the Californias. Filmed all over the west coast, Los Amigos takes you on an epic spearfishing trip from your own living room. If you freedive, spearfish or know anyone who does, this is a must-see. …

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Apr 14

10 Kinds of Freedivers

Freediving Competition Deja Blue

It takes all kinds… In my years of freediving I’ve gotten to know a lot of divers, which has been (mostly) an absolute delight. I’ve had the privilege of diving with some of the top freedivers in the world, been asked to freedive with humpback whales with GroPro and every few weeks I get to …

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Feb 07

East Meets West- and epic freediving ensues

Gearing up at our entry point

Here’s something you won’t often hear someone from Northern CA say: “So I went diving in February and it was epic!” But in truth, I went diving out here Tuesday and contrary to what I expected, it was a sickly awesome day out. Here are the things that happened in a nutshell. -Watched a new …

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Jul 09

Freediving Secret Spots- Why You Can’t Dive Here

California Coast Diving

Recently, on the north coast of California: Overly aggressive out-of-area diver: “You ain’t been posting about this spot on the internet have you?” (Said after pulling into the turnout at top speed in a cloud of dust, window down in anticipation of confrontation.) Still dripping local diver: “excuse me?” “This is my spot and I …

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Jun 22

Teenage Spearo Survives Spear to the Brain

Freedive Spear to Brain

16-year-old Yasser Lopez, of Miami, FL, survived a major spearfishing accident in which his friend accidentally shot him in the head with a speargun on June 8. Lopez is now recovering from surgery and removal of the spear, but is able to speak and has no memory of the incident, doctors said. For more information …

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May 31

Learning to Hunt in NorCal’s Waters


I learned to dive in the warm, clear waters of Florida, where the fish may not always be monsters, but getting in the water is as easy as slipping on a 3mm wetsuit and diving in. Hunting meant looking for hogfish, mutton snappers and grouper or going for lobsters. Now that I live in Northern …

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Mar 12

Manny Puig- An Evening With A Spearing Guru

Manny Puig Helmet

As Manny grabs his hand-made trident spear I can’t help imagining him, with his flowing hair and beard, as a modern-day version of Neptune, the Roman god of the sea. Okay, that’s a lie. I was really picturing King Triton from the little mermaid, but you get the idea. I was lucky enough to get …

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