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Feb 19

Freediving Top Gun video hits the internet!

So excited to have been a part of this in Grand Cayman this past year. It was fun to shoot, though we packed it into only a couple days, and came out amazing thanks to Goh Iromoto, Performance Freediving, Pacific Coast Freediving and Evolve Freediving!!!! F3F TOP GUN from Performance Freediving on Vimeo.

May 31

Learning to Hunt in NorCal’s Waters


I learned to dive in the warm, clear waters of Florida, where the fish may not always be monsters, but getting in the water is as easy as slipping on a 3mm wetsuit and diving in. Hunting meant looking for hogfish, mutton snappers and grouper or going for lobsters. Now that I live in Northern …

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May 24

Freediving Blackout- What’s It Really Like?

Joe Blackout

I reached the surface from my 83m/272-foot freedive and vaguely remember hearing the judge shout, “Grab her!” before everything went blank. I was only out for about a second before I came back around, finished my surface protocol, told the judge “I’m okay,” then realized Robert, my safety diver, had ahold of my arm. “Ohh…I …

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May 09

The Faceoff for a Freediving World Record

Natalia Molchanova World Record

Just one day after Ashley Chapman re-broke the Women’s World Record for diving to depth without fins to 65 meters/213 feet, Russian competitive freediver Natalia Molchanova broke it again to 66 meters/217 feet in a competition half a world away in Dahab, Egypt. Natalia currently holds all the World Records for the self-powered disciplines and …

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May 08

More Videos from Deja Blue III- Watch Records Fall!

Yes, there’s more! Below are the videos of Grant Hogan, Nick Mevoli and Iru Balic breaking national records! Stay tuned for videos of Ashley and Wes breaking even more records!   Grant Hogan breaks the US Men’s CNF Record with a dive to 71m/ 233 feet     Nick Mevoli breaks the US Men’s CWT …

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May 07

More Records Falling at Deja Blue…

Yes, it’s still happening! More records have fallen! Ashley Chapman broke the World Record for diving to depth without fins to a depth of 65 meters! I’ve been waiting to post until the video was up online, but the internet has made uploading slow so I’ll update you guys here as soon as that’s available, …

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May 05

More Freediving National Records Fall at Deja Blue!

Grant 71 CNF ascent sized

Day two of Deja Blue brought even more excitement as three more national records fell in ocean disciplines. I don’t know what’s in the water here, but the performances have been amazing so far! Nicholas Mevoli began the day by breaking the US Men’s National Record in constant weight with a dive to 91m/299 feet. …

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May 05

World and National Freediving Record Videos Up!

Hey everyone, Thanks to the amazing efforts of our dedicated film crew, Ren Chapman, Matt Charlton and Andrew Hogan, the videos of Ashley Chapman’s World Record No-Fins dive and my National Record Constant Weight dive have already been posted! Check it out! -Erin Ashley Chapman dives to 63m/206 feet with No Fins to Break the …

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May 04

World and National Records Fall at Deja Blue!!


Hey everyone, AMAZING first day on the water for the PFI Deja Blue Competition! Here’s the recap and stay tuned for more updates! These results will be made official tonight, so if anything changes (that’s not anticipated ) I’ll amend what’s here then. Ashley Chapman, well-known no-fins specialist, made a dive to 63m/ 206 feet …

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Apr 30

Tragedy and Triumph- A Freediving Comeback Story


I thought I was dying. I’d lost over 30 pounds and could barely walk. I was frustrated that my body could fail me so completely after years of training and meticulously healthy eating. And to think, only four months prior I’d broken four national records. That was September of 2011. A year prior I’d been …

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